Why choose Cuddles 'N Kisses Pet Care?

​Safety is our #1 priority when deciding how many dogs to walk together.
  Private walks are also available.

We are a fully insured pet care company.

All handlers have been carefully screened for reliability, integrity,common sense and a passion for animals.

We are detail-oriented and follow clients’ instructions precisely.

Our staff is experienced in administering shots and giving oral medications.

We are conscientious and attentive during our walks and NEVER juggle cell phones, ipads, cigarettes and your pet at the same time.
Believe me, I’ve seen it done and it’s not pretty.

We are punctual because we know your canine and feline friends eagerly await our arrival.

We respect your home and privacy keeping our paws off your stuff

My home is a cage-free environment and guests are often allowed to sleep on the bed.

Cat visits include feeding, litter scooping, affection, playtime, or ignore-time

depending on kitty’s wishes.

Each dog is given the agreed upon amount of time, regardless of the weather.  However, we also realize there is nothing achieved by walking a 3 lb. Yorkie for 30 minutes in a blizzard. 

This is where common sense comes into play.​